Importance of a Website

Most business owners know they need a website, but there are a few startups and small businesses still on the fence.  Some are jumping ship and hoping to escalate their online presence with a Facebook page.  While social media is great to enhance your brand and increase online presence, you still need a website.

Why You Need a Website

  1. Online Presence. Your website showcases your product/ service, your brand, and is the stepping stone to your target market.
  2. Branding. Your clients and customers will take you seriously.
  3. Visibility.  A website allows you to build organic Search Engine Optimization and higher page rankings on searches. Don’t forget SEO.  Many companies skip this step and regretfully look back at what their competitors who are ranking on page 1 started years before them.
  4. Growth. You have the ability to grow your business on a national and even global scale.

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Tips for Your Website

  1. Navigation: Make it easy for your customer to get around your website and find what they’re looking for.
  2. Message:  Ensure information on your product/ service is prominently displayed and easy to understand.
  3. Phone number and Email: Displayed on home page (and every page even better.)
  4. Contact Us Page: Ensure there is a Contact Us page for your site visitor to submit their information.  Make it easy for your market to get in touch.
  5. E-commerce: If you are selling products online, use good quality photos and ensure the checkout process is easy to use for your customer.
  6. Analytics: Install analytics into your site and review weekly.  There are many free tools such as Google Analytics that provide excellent reporting to gauge your traffic, sources, page views.
  7. SEO & Keyword Analysis: Integrate on-page Search Engine Optimization and keyword analysis on your website.  It’s a one-time investment with minimal monthly maintenance.  You will thank yourself later.


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