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Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Coronavirus & Business Continuity Planning

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Coronavirus & Business Continuity Planning

As we move right along into the crazy days of 2020 and shed light on some of the latest news, here are some things we know many businesses in a variety of industries may struggle with.

Are Your Systems In Place to Deal With Coronavirus?

    • Are you using email marketing and texting services to reach your clients and prospects en masse with updates? If not, how are you communicating to them on company updates, procedures, delays and business continuity plans?
    • Do you have live chat installed on your website? And/or web texting capabilities so your clients and prospects can easily communicate with you online, as tension heightens even more?
    • Do you have automated lead capture, testimonial/review capture, social media and other scheduled communications in place?  Some businesses may be faced with extra time right now, use it wisely! In our 15 years of experience working with a variety of clients, this is often last on the to-do list.
    • Are your Website, Social Media, Online Graphics, messaging and materials up to date, branded and ready to roll? Hey, we love fliers and sales literature as much as the next person, but Jane Doe probably doesn’t with all that varying media coverage floating around on how long this virus stays on plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, in the air, on our clothes, etc. Whatever the truth ends up being, most won’t know until it’s too late because we’re all in unchartered territory. In the meantime, the majority will be erring on the side of extreme caution. This is where all those amazing Online Platforms and methodologies become even more integral to your business operations.
    • Are you using all the latest and greatest tools to maximize on your business, save time, and now, more importantly, to eliminate human interaction where necessary? Regardless of your opinion on the virus and its threat level, most of the country (and world) is in a heightened state of caution, and this will affect operations for all of us.
    • Do you have an opportunity to run things virtually? Or create a new revenue stream that will benefit your business that doesn’t involve human interaction? Could be launching videos and/or e-books you’ve been meaning to write to use as a lead capture while providing value, a new training system, or perhaps an entirely new product or service that the market is demanding right now.

While many are social distancing throughout the country, and travel, gatherings, festivals, concerts, sporting events, restaurants, bars, and even Disney are being shut down, some businesses may be faced with something we rarely see an abundance of: TIME. Other businesses will be faced with an urgent need for: PREPAREDNESS.  

At Elev8 Consulting Group, we have staff in place throughout the U.S. We are working remotely, and practicing all of the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease, Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Now, more than ever, you need to be ready and able to run your business in the midst of delays, communication breakdowns, supply chain issues, all while boosting immunity, stopping the spread of the virus, and battling market demand for minimal human interaction. How you ensure that communications flow is running smoothly can literally make or break business operations.

Do You Have a System in Place for Streamlined Operations?

The time has come. DISRUPT. OR BE DISRUPTED. We typically think of disruption as a novel new idea, system, way of doing things, or maybe that sneaky competitor lurking in the background, waiting to jump in and do better. But the world just threw us a curveball. It’s just a little thing called COVID-19. If you need help getting your business or operations updated, or developing a recession-proof revenue stream, book a free consultation.

We wish everyone an abundance of health, success and prosperity!


Your friends at Elev8 Consulting Group