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Angela and Elev8 worked with us on a product launch for a new brand that involved a number of complexities and milestones. Angela provided clear insight, strategic recommendations and high-quality work (on very strict deadlines) in an extremely fast-paced environment. Elev8 assisted us with press releases, website content, a crowdfunding campaign launch and strategy. Additionally, she helped manage a stellar video team to create and produce a sizzle/promo video with a very unique shoot in the desert. Angela completed great work for us and added significant value that directly contributed to desirable results. One notable result was that the trade media was reaching out to us to get the scoop on our exciting new launch. Angela provides real-world, actionable, and measurable solutions to ensure the agreed upon objectives are hit. I recommend her and Elev8 if you're looking to work with a personable and results driven team. Her diverse skillset and ability to integrate and ideate within the Marketing sphere was just what we needed. Thanks Angela!
Pete Danielson
Vice President, Shark Kage, Las Vegas, NV
The Elev8 Consulting Group team serves as our Marketing Department for our growing business. They manage both the strategic and tactical elements of our Marketing, which is a win-win. Elev8 provides key insights and recommendations based on our goals, along with execution of our Marketing activities including business strategy, email marketing, content marketing, social media, event management, community relations, reputation management, web management, graphic design, and more. They are an essential extension of our team. It is truly refreshing to work with a company that knows our industry and is fast, responsive, and highly professional.
Jonathon Diego, AIC
Managing Partner, General Contractor, DDA Forensics, Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX
Oh my gosh Elev8 Consulting Group. We are so honored by your support and friendship. Your expertise has done so much for our charity. We are great at rescuing those in dire circumstances. Not so great at marketing. You joining our team means the world to us all!
Diana Davis
CEO & Founder, Actress, Producer, MoviesMakingADifference, Palm Beach, FL
We bring Elev8 with us through new company launches and they're an important element of our team. They manage our marketing and branding and it’s a major asset to our business growth across multiple companies. They are the absolute best in the industry. With growing nationwide companies, we ramped up more outreach, brand awareness and online marketing. Elev8’s knowledge of our industry is a definite plus. They identify key strategies and implement campaigns to help us continually promote our services, value, and expertise to our target markets across multiple platforms. Elev8 manages our marketing strategy, branding, social media, email marketing, content marketing, case studies, testimonials and website. They hit the ground running on each company launch and play an important role on our team.
Jake Holt
President of Sales, Managing Partner, Honor Claims & PCG Consulting, Nashville, TN & Nationwide
Elev8 has become an integral part of our company’s business plan to reach new markets and clientele that will benefit from our services and capabilities. I have appreciated their creativity and devotion to creating new partnerships that may have otherwise gone unrealized.
Sean Fee
President, Forensic Building Science
We appreciate the help of Angela and the amazing team at Elev8 Consulting Group in the successful launch of our nonprofit organization. I came to them with an idea to launch a “first of its kind” because I knew from working with them on other businesses that they could articulate my vision and make it happen. Elev8 played a pivotal role in shaping our identity and mission. They dove in and conducted market research and analysis, identified target markets, revenue streams, board requirements, community outreach programs and most importantly, a plan to launch. They established our branding, website, messaging, and core values. They were instrumental in creating our internship and apprenticeship programs, sponsorship packages, and community outreach initiatives. Their unwavering commitment, extensive background in business and nonprofit organization are a driving force behind our launch. The strategic guidance provided set the stage for long-term impact and growth. Great things are in store!
Brandon Villneauve
CEO & Founder, Florida Roofing & Solar Institute, Port St. Lucie, FL
The team at Elev8 took our branding, online presence and social media strategies to new heights. They create tailored campaigns that increase engagement and showcase our work. The synergy between social media, graphic design, and branding is evident in every campaign and piece of content, creating a holistic and powerful brand presence. Their dynamic approach to breaking down what we do and how we help our target markets is instrumental in our success. They’ve helped elevate our brand on every digital front.
Leonard Martin
CEO & Founder, Martin Media Blasting, Stevens, PA
Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!! My website looks beautiful!!!! Elev8 did such an amazing job at portraying the true culture of the company and my passion for what I do. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Daniela Morano
CEO & Founder, Fitting Pieces Therapy Solutions, Miami, FL
Elev8 Consulting Group manages our Business Strategy and Marketing, an important role in our company. Their insights, expertise and straightforward advice has helped us solidify our short and long-term growth plans, navigate decisions as well as establish benchmarks in our growing business. Their expertise is such a tremendous asset. They run all of our marketing campaigns including branding, website, social media, email marketing, content marketing, community relations, reputation management, as well as implement processes and checks and balances to help us scale with sales and outreach. They are an essential extension of our team.
David Cashion
CEO, National Restoration, LLC, Charlotte, NC
Elev8 Consulting Group has such an amazing team that created my website for me! The process was easy & seamless. I would recommend Elev8 Consulting Group to anyone!!!
Richard Vasquez
CEO & Founder, 365 Exteriors, St. Paul, MN
Elev8 serves as our “in-house” Marketing team and manages our Marketing and outreach initiatives. From strategy recommendations to email marketing to social media to graphic design, they do it all. They also help us identify and implement systems and processes to automate tasks, saving us a whole lot of time, so we can focus on what we do best. If you’re seeking a marketing company that not only provides strategic insights but also elevates your brand through thoughtful branding, email marketing and social media execution, look no further than Elev8 Consulting Group. They have played an instrumental role in our success, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.
Keir Lee
CEO & Founder, Bureau of Claim Scene Investigations, Orlando, FL
Elev8 assists with long-term marketing planning and recommendations. They also helped us establish our branding and online presence. Great team across the board!
Bridget Como
Director of Business Development, Forensic Building Science
The team at Elev8 manages our Marketing and helps us swiftly identify key strategies to promote our services, value, and expertise. As a growing business, we simply didn’t have time to do everything. Things we had collecting dust on our growing, never-ending to-do list are getting done and they’re getting done well. Elev8’s knowledge of our industry, trends, technology and our target markets is a major asset to our company and our bottom line.
Curtis Phillips
General Counsel, Managing Partner, Honor Claims, Nashville, TN & Nationwide
Elev8 Consulting Group is an incredible company to work with across the board. They manage our ongoing strategy, marketing and outreach campaigns. They helped us launch with a solid brand and website that’s fast, responsive, user and mobile-friendly. They have a depth of industry experience and they are very detail-oriented. We simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to manage all of these moving parts. Elev8 handles everything for us. They are a wonderful asset to our business! Highly recommend!
Jim Heiden
CEO, Adjuster Consulting, Sarasota, FL
My experience with Elev8 has been nothing short of exceptional. We brought them on to manage our Marketing and a Rebrand. The team is fantastic and they manage a whole lot of moving parts for us including website, branding, content, social media, graphic design, collateral development, vendor management, case studies, and a whole lot more. We highly recommend their services to any business looking for an expert Marketing team to drive growth and increase brand recognition.
Scott Jamison
President & Managing Partner, PCG Consulting, Nashville, TN & Nationwide
We brought Elev8 on to help us with Marketing and outreach in our growing business. Their industry knowledge and marketing expertise is a major asset and they help us cut through the noise to identify key growth strategies, in addition to executing our campaigns.
Brian Peterson
Managing Partner, DDA Claims, Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA
It is fantastic to work with the team at Elev8. We brought them on board when we launched a new division in our growing company, and we have big plans for even more. Angela has a straightforward, no bs approach and helps us determine best practices in the cluttered marketing space. Elev8 creates, plans and executes our campaigns from A to Z. Their knowledge of our industry, business growth goals, and the marketing landscape is a win-win. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them and a major asset to our company.
Rob Cashion
VP of Business Development, National Restoration, LLC, Indian Trail, NC
I have known and worked with Angela on multiple launches and initiatives over the years and she brings a tremendous wealth of information, expertise and enthusiasm to every project. She helped us launch the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards and the Elev8 team provided Publicity and Marketing to help us build massive awareness on nearly every Las Vegas media platform including TV, print, online and radio. She also supported the Las Vegas Chapter of the Women in Media Mentoring Initiative planning and volunteer engagement efforts. Both key initiatives that put Las Vegas on the map in unique ways. Angela gets things done and she does it well.
Melissa Skipworth
Co-Founder, Las Vegas Women In Technology Awards; Chair, Women Advancing Las Vegas Chapter
The Elev8 team strategized an amazing Publicity Campaign to help spread the word on our 18-ton, 15-foot solar art installation completed in partnership with Clark County Public Arts in Las Vegas. They did an excellent job capturing media coverage on this. What a feat by all on our team! By incorporating renewable energy into our work, we are igniting a force of awareness. We’re very grateful for the support from Elev8 to help ignite this spark.
Suzy Martinez
Chief Marketing Officer, Renewable Envoy, Las Vegas, NV
We are so happy with Elev8 Consulting Group's marketing and branding expertise and their speed to market in helping us launch into a new market quickly. It's truly amazing to work with a company that knows our industry. Their attention to detail, fast response times and straightforward knowledge is truly appreciated.
Christopher Johnston
CEO, CJ Claim Services, New Orleans, LA
You are doing a phenomenal job. I love the work you guys do. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in—you really made us look A-class!
Jamey Bennett
Director of Product Development, Omega Forensic Engineering, Parkland, FL
Our team would like to take a second to recognize one of our JA advocates. Angela Delmedico is not only a #WomanInBusiness, but also an active volunteer and sponsor. Her company, Elev8 Consulting Group, is a Sponsor and she has donated her time personally as a JA volunteer. We thank you for your varied and generous support of JA! #MakeADifference #Volunteer #Play4JA
Katelyn Bates
Engagement Manager, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast® , FL
Elev8 is our partner in branding and marketing. They help us create and manage ongoing campaigns and they’re truly committed to our success. They also provide an invaluable service in vetting companies and safeguarding our interests in the complex world of marketing. We highly recommend them. We’ve worked with a few marketing companies in the past, and none have been successful or have had the depth and breadth of knowledge that we need for our growing business.
Jose & Giselle “Gigi” Cordo
Cordo Claims Group
Angela and the team at Elev8 did an excellent job on our Marketing campaign. They provided key insights, strategies and recommendations for business growth, and helped us gain a lot of traction and increased awareness in a very short amount of time.
Shane Gregory
Windstorm Outreach Committee Member & Operations Manager, POTG, Delray Beach, FL
The amazing team at Elev8 Consulting Group created a fantastic new website for our company! We absolutely love it! They included key messaging, content and graphics and made sure it's fast, responsive, user and mobile-friendly. It's truly a great experience to work with a company that knows our industry and can determine our messaging and design so well. And fast! They also helped us automate with forms, subscribe features, and more features to streamline our operations and user experience. Highly recommend!
Branden Ward
CEO, Iron Guys Restoration, Chicago, IL
Elev8 Consulting Group has been a tremendous asset in promoting our efforts in the Las Vegas Tech Community. With Angela’s help, we were able to share our events (live!) on all local news channels and secure several local radio spots. She is professional and fantastic at following up. Her media coaching skills and knowledge of brand messaging were key to helping the public understand our organization’s efforts in the community.
Christina Aldan
TEDx Speaker and Entrepreninja, Las Vegas Women In Technology Awards #LVWTA Co-Founder, Las Vegas, NV
Angela and the Elev8 team helped me with my new business launch and provided valuable advice and Marketing Strategy! I wish I had met this company sooner! Angela conducted a Business Checkup and provided a full consultation, analysis, key insights, recommendations and resources to help us succeed! The Elev8 team really does connect the dots. Angela really helped break down the steps needed and helped me understand the process. Elev8 also created a fantastic logo and website for us. I'm excited to ramp up my business!
Kimberly Rethans
CEO, North Star Autism Services, Sacramento, CA
The Elev8 team has helped our business immensely by providing support with brand awareness and public relations. They are part of our team and available anytime for our needs. Elev8 worked with us to develop a custom strategy per our unique business goals. Elev8 helps us with email marketing, industry publishing, press releases, collateral development, and important website edits. Angela's attention to detail is on point and her team is always ahead of the game. Best of all, they are aggressive with helping us to keep on track with deadlines. We have saved a considerable amount utilizing their diverse expertise and have benefitted from having an ad-hoc team available as needed. With Angela, you are engaged with a utility team therein accessing varied skill sets in one hire. Elev8 has been a smart business move for us. They focus on their core competency so we can focus on ours.
Cindy Kanstoroom
Managing Partner, NIH Research & Consulting, Coral Springs, FL
I am proud to know and work with Angela Delmedico. She has been instrumental in providing my organization with consistent ongoing media coverage in Los Angeles and national coverage as well! Angela is truly wonderful to work with, highly capable, and our team couldn’t be more pleased. At our last event alone she obtained coverage on four Los Angeles networks! Over the last few years I have had numerous companies claim to be able to accomplish tasks to publicize our programs, and few have been able. Thank you for paving the way Angela!!!
Michael John Derricott
Founder, Makeovers That Matter, Los Angeles, CA
Elev8 Consulting Group is incredible! Angela is a miracle worker. Angela and her team have not only exceeded our expectations, but have taken Pete’s Builders Storm Division to another Tax Bracket ????! Our new website is 500x better than anyone in our area. We’re so excited we can now say we have our own Marketing Team. It really frees up our time to focus on what we do best, growing our businesses.
Joy DeRenzo
President, Pete's Builders Storm Division, CO & WY
I really enjoy working with the Elev8 Consulting Group team! They helped me with a complete rebrand and I absolutely love my new logo and website. I'm still receiving compliments on our new look and new user-friendly web platform. I highly recommend Elev8 for any marketing or branding campaign. I appreciate their insights and questions to further understand my brand, articulate my services and convey our messaging.
Melanie Ash
CEO & Founder, Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty, Denver, CO
Elev8 Consulting Group helped get us stay visible during COVID which allowed us to focus on client care. Angela and her team helped us to secure key clients very quickly, as well as spike site traffic, branding, and engagement. We remain busy from their efforts! The ensuing marketing has just kept the fire burning. We ramped up marketing with Elev8 and landed 3 major clients off our first email blast, generating a fifth of our revenue for the year. Right now we have more business than we can say Grace over. Thank you to Angela and her team!
Robin Day
Managing Partner, NIH Research & Consulting, Coral Springs, FL
Elev8 Consulting Group helped us immensely launch into a new market with a website, marketing collateral, fliers, Social Media and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns as well as content and branded graphics to help us succeed! Elev8 Consulting Group’s commitment to excellence and speed to market mentality is so valuable in this industry and to our business. Thank you Elev8 Consulting Group!
Paul Reed
General Manager of Operations, North West Roofing, CO/KS
Elev8 Consulting Group helped us build our company, messaging and brand awareness quickly with an amazing logo, website design and programming, quality content and marketing collateral! Of course we want to dominate the market, and Elev8 helped us get there faster in a sea of competition! I have used many companies for marketing and Elev8 is hands down the best. ! Truly great to work with such a dedicated team who has extensive years of experience in the industry.
Kimberly Reed
NextGen Storm Leads, Denver, CO
Elev8 Consulting Group has helped me strategize an awesome nationwide publicity and marketing campaign for multiple companies and is highly effective at enhancing my company presence, branding, and visibility. I work directly with Angela on numerous projects and her level of detail, professionalism is unrivaled.
Steve Shanton
President and Owner of Venture Construction Group, Venture Construction Group of Florida, VCG International, Nationwide & Global
The team at Elev8 Consulting Group built us a fantastic website, branded graphics, content, messaging, blog posts, articles, ads, graphics, and key service offerings, in a flash! They even developed a custom solution to a unique feature we wanted built in to our website. Elev8 quickly completed our website, marketing collateral and established us on multiple social media channels to increase engagement with our market.
Lisa Frerking
CEO & President, Pinpoint Claims, Denver, CO/ Orlando, FL
I wish I had met the amazing team at Elev8 years ago! They started with a complete rebrand including logo and website design. I absolutely love it. Elev8 manages our marketing collateral, messaging, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and also conducted a market analysis, strategy and roll-out of a brand new program launch to increase revenue streams and help me do more of what I love doing best, helping others! The level of knowledge and motivation and gusto that Elev8 has is amazing.
Mary Winn
LCSW, Founder, Therapy With Mary, Wellington, FL
Elev8 completely rebranded our company website and it looks absolutely amazing!!! The team truly conceptualized our vision to create a stunning design and user-friendly site with clear and concise messaging. Elev8 helped us establish our brand and manages our email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design and Facebook Ad campaigns. Elev8 goes above and beyond to help me with our business strategy, pricing, and recommendations. They are a true partner in our success.
Julie Arnes
CEO, Infynite Gold, Frisco, CO
Elev8 created a fantastic logo for my new business. Their creative team provided exceptional iterations and they articulated our vision very quickly! Thank you Elev8!!
Carl Perrone
CEO, Perrone CPA & Consulting, Orlando, FL
Elev8 has helped my business immensely with strategy, insights, and recommendations for increased branding and growth. Elev8 thinks outside the box and Angela is a true joy to work with.
Kristina Michelle
CEO & Artist, Kristina Michelle Jewelry, Chico, CA
I have worked directly with Angela Delmedico at Elev8 and she always has excellent new thoughts, ideas and strategies on many of my projects. Her expertise offers concise recommendations for SEO, social media, online PPC ads and general business strategies. With her perspective, the bottom line is always advanced. And her genuine personality and straightforward manner is a bonus!
Pam Stuckey
CEO, Body Sense, Las Vegas, NV
We are so pleased with Elev8 Consulting Group’s work on our websites, landing pages, fliers, marketing collateral, domain search, and Social Media and Pay Per Click campaigns to help us build our business, local awareness and leads! Elev8 Consulting Group’s speed-to-market work ethic and willingness to help us succeed by far exceeded our expectations. Elev8 helped us understand our former zero-return marketing contract and assisted us in saving tens and tens of thousands of dollars. We appreciate Elev8 Consulting Group’s ethics, educational insights, and straight-forward approach.
Justen Newton
Operations Manager, Rhino Roofing New Mexico, NM
Elev8 Consulting Group built a high-quality, user-friendly, mobile friendly website complete with optimized content. We appreciate Elev8 Consulting Group’s straight-forward approach to meet our goals within budget and their commitment to high-quality work.
Caroline & Kenny Bell
ACE Construction of Tennessee, Murfreesboro, TN
Elev8 created a “Rolls-Royce” website, branding platform for our new company division. Our previous website was not set up suitably to represent our new launch. Elev8 achieved our vision with expertise and speed.
B. Taylor
Owner, Storm Restoration Services Pty Ltd., Queensland, Australia
Elev8’s experience and knowledge in business has been invaluable to our firm. Angela’s creativity and attention to detail have translated our ideas into motion. She helped us step back and look at the big picture of our new business initiative and the steps we needed to achieve, and then executed the plan of action. The team at Elev8 has helped us with our messaging, website overhaul, business capital outreach, and development of an online trading app. Their professional style and business acumen has been a great benefit to our company. Without the Elev8 team expertise, we could have spent years developing the right recipe for our success.
George Haralson
CEO | Founder, Assetline Commodities, Los Angeles, CA
Elev8 was instrumental in strategy development and publicity tactics to get our crowd funding campaign successfully launched. Win!
Cort Smith
Owner | Inventor, Shark Kage, Las Vegas, NV
Brilliant and organized business strategy and planning. LOVE IT! The Elev8 team is amazing. We simply cannot express how impressed we are and how much we appreciate your work ethic, your professionalism, and your efficiency. Fabulous job!
LLynda More
Owner | Designer, LLynda More Boots, Las Vegas, NV
Elev8 created an excellent and affordable website for our company and helped us strategize a unique marketing plan to increase foot traffic in a highly competitive industry. Great team! Angela is a great person to work with.
Robert Chi
Jolly Foot, Los Angeles, CA
Elev8 Consulting Group expertly handles your websites, domains, Google juice and everything publicity to get you out in the public eye.
Clark Smith
Owner, Storm Master Construction, Atlanta, GA
Just want to give a shout-out to Angela Delmedico for getting major publicity and PR on many of my new businesses, products and launches. Entrepreneurs can launch cool things, or have a great company story, but if nobody knows about it, it doesn't matter. You're still just a nothing burger trying to stand out in a world of clutter. If you are a company, brand, or have a service or product you want the world to know about, contact her for your Marketing/Publicity needs. She is the CEO and Founder of Elev8 Consulting Group, and she makes it happen like no other Marketing/PR firm. Highly recommend! I’ve hired Elev8 Consulting Group repreatedly for numerous company launches and projects. Elev8 excels and exceeds expectations every time… from logo and website design and development to launching major marketing, branding and publicity campaigns, to social media and customer engagement and increased ROI. Elev8 delivers and brings enthusiasm and commitment to each and every project, along with a level of detail that is unrivaled. She has several large industry clients and has made a few famous with her unique PR approach to build those brands.
Anthony Delmedico
CEO | Founder | Author | Producer, Storm Ventures Group, Win The Storm, Entrepreneurship with Anthony Delmedico, Del Visionaries, Little Green Money Machine,, Scottsdale, AZ
Elev8 Consulting Group helped us build a highly effective business strategy for our new company launch and growth. Their help has been instrumental, including website design and development, website content, logo design, marketing collateral, content and messaging, social media, along with competitive analysis and providing key insights pivotal to increased channel awareness and brand exposure. I highly recommend Elev8 for any company looking to get started or expand!
Gina Delmedico
GLD Management Services, Jensen Beach, FL
Elev8 Consulting Group did an amazing job creating a clean, professional logo and website for our new company launch. They are a great team to work with and excel at understanding and articulating business needs into highly effective visual representation and branding.
Autumn Woosck
VP National Sales, Storm Ventures Group, Scottsdale, AZ
Elev8 helped me launch my new business with a winning strategy. From business planning, marketing plan and development to website design. I landed my first major client two days after my website went live. Thanks Elev8 Consulting Group!
Chris Byrer
Owner, American Mechanical Solutions, Las Vegas, NV
Working with Elev8 Consulting Group was a wonderful experience. Angela is an amazing person both personally and professionally. Not only does she have great ideas, she infuses every project with joy and enthusiasm. She provides a great deal of insight into her target audience and how to design with them in mind. Her knowledge and ability to grasp the big picture, translate business needs into technical requirements and deliver complex, efficient and cost-effective solutions in a variety of business environments is definitely one of her many strengths in this market. I have worked with other clients, but Angela goes the extra mile to make me feel as if I am important to her and her business. If you are looking for someone to help you with your business needs on either side of the desk I recommend Angela as one of the best.
Dina Barksy
Owner | Designer, Company D, New York, NY
Angela is one of the most dedicated professionals I have worked with. Her professional drive is unrivaled. Angela is an energetic, honest, proactive, results oriented manager. She uses her attention to detail, clear communication and defined expectations to reach project goals on or ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Angela for any project.
Stephanie Lutz
Marketing Manager, Del Visionaries, Orlando, FL
Elev8 assisted our team with major technical documentation processes and edits. Their work was excellent and much needed. Always ahead of schedule and spot on.
Stacey McKinney
PMO Director, Diamond Game, Los Angeles, CA
I had the pleasure of meeting Angela and instantly discovered her skill set in business consulting, marketing and business development. I quickly realized that her thoughts and ideas were out-of- the-box and creative. I highly recommend Elev8’s services for any start up or small business. They are worth every penny. Angela personally offered a great benefit for our start-up by providing one-on-one consulting, marketing plan, consistent and engaging messaging and copy, launch of our online presence, and training to our team on best practices in social media. Her follow-up skills along with working with others in an effort to grow your business is highly recommended.
Angela Nickell
Owner, Age Management Specialties, Orlando, FL
Angela came to me with a plan for qualitative research, which she was happy to improve upon based on my recommendations. Angela listened to my advice intently, chose what worked best for her client’s needs, and together we worked as a team to reach excellent results. Plus her personality is wonderful! You can’t ask for more than that.
Michelle Johnston
Focus Group Moderator: Ideas to Go, Orlando, FL